Recurring Shredding Services

For most paper-intensive organizations, scheduled shredding services are an integral part of date security, information privacy and legal compliance. Documents that have become inactive and no longer need to be retained take up costly office space.  Not to mention, these records may contain sensitive and confidential information that poses a security risk to your business.

Day to day paperwork created is also full of information that includes confidential company data or financial information, client or customer records and the like. You can’t afford to let this fall into the wrong hands.

Unfortunately, feeding sensitive documents through office shredders represents time that can be used more productively. As a result, some employees may be tempted to simply toss documents in a wastebasket or recycling container.

There’s A Better Way

DataKeepers provides scheduled shredding services for clients in the Baton Rouge, Lafayette and surrounding areas make it easy to dispose of office documents in a secure manner.

We provide secure collection containers, either in furniture-like consoles and more rugged, wheeled bins that come in a variety of sizes to fit your specific needs. These locked containers are placed strategically throughout the workplace and do not require an additional time investment. Once documents are placed in a locked console or bin they cannot be retrieved.

You choose a rotation schedule that works best for your organization: weekly, monthly, or quarterly. We will retrieve the containers from your business and shred the contents at our secure plant based shredding facility. You will be provided with a Certificate of Destruction upon completion of the shredding process.

Scheduled shredding services ensure that your day-to-day confidential documents are destroyed in a timely and secure manner.

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