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Document Imaging Solutions in Baton Rouge at DataKeepersOur document imaging department can convert your documents from hard copy to a digital format that you can easily access. We understand that each of our client’s needs is different and that you may require specialized service to fit your needs.

Our document imaging team is dedicated to providing the highest level of personal service and attention to ensure that your needs are met. Imaging is more costly than storing the physical document; therefore we offer a full suite of document management solutions, including hard-copy records storage, scanning, and document destruction.

We can help you make good document management decisions based on your particular needs. Here are some of the imaging solutions we offer:

Service Bureau Solution: Our team is available to handle all aspects of your imaging, including picking up documents from your office, scanning, and indexing. You will be able to retrieve the images readily over the Web or by email, or we can copy the images to a CD or DVD for your use. An added benefit of sending your documents for scanning is that we can store the hard copy at our facility after they are scanned. This gives you easy access to your hard copy documents without having all the burden of the boxes at your location or a mini-warehouse. Alternatively, or after a predetermined period of time, we can securely and confidentially shred your paper documents. Since they have been converted to an electronic file, they may no longer be needed.

Day Forward: With this method, you leave legacy documents as paper and only begin scanning new documents from the implementation date.

Back-file Conversion: We would convert all of your historical documents to digital and once completed, you can then move to the Day Forward approach.

Scan-on-Demand: Instead of scanning the entire box of files, our team can scan the files you need as they are requested. We will retrieve the requested file from your inventory and then prep, scan and transfer the digital images to you in your specified format.

Before beginning, we look at every document to ensure it is prepared for an accurate scan. After scanning, every image is again reviewed to make certain it is clearly recognizable and readable. Questionable images are rescanned, and we always perform document-to-image checks. Our goal is to provide 100% accuracy.

Call us today and let our imaging department work with you and your staff to develop a solution to meet your specific needs.

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