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DataKeeper's File Storage box

DataKeepers boxes are made of recyclable, heavy corrugated cardboard with double walls, triple reinforced handgrips and a double layer, well-supported floor to ensure a super strong box.

In addition, our boxes come with a heavy 3” oversized lid that extends down from the top of the box, which helps when stacking the boxes. There is no need to worry about crushing the bottom boxes. These archive boxes were designed to be strong enough to stand up to the rigors of being pulled from shelves, as well as being shipped back and forth between offices or sites.

At approximately 35 lbs when full, this is the safest size to handle repeatedly for both our client’s staff as well as ours. There is no comparison between DataKeepers boxes and those sold by the office supply stores. We sell them in bundles of 25. Order a bundle to be delivered today.

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