Collection Containers in Baton Rouge, LA by DataKeepers, Baton Rouge
Executive Shredding Console

Executive Cabinet Holds 100lbs.

DataKeepers’ Executive locked cabinets are attractive and fit well with all office environments.

Confidential documents are inserted through the front loading slot which prevents unwanted access once documents have been placed in the container.

Executive Cabinet Specifications:

Capacity: 31 Gallons (approximately 100 lbs.)

Dimensions: 36”H x 19”W x 17½”L


The Shredinator

This holds 55 lbs.

This cart is a flexible container designed to fit in tight spaces, such as beside a desk or under a counter.

It is equipped with a tamper-proof lid for confidential disposal of documents.

Cart Specifications:

20 Gallon Size: 27”H x 20”W x 11”L (holds approximately 55 lbs.)


Shredding Carts

The 95 gallon holds 350 lbs. The 65 gallon holds 250 lbs.

These Secure Collection Carts provide a secure document collection by utilizing a locking system that secures the lid to the container to prevent tampering and the removal of sensitive documents.

Secure Collection Cart Specifications:
65 Gallon: 40½”H x 23¼”W x 29½”L (holds approximately. 250 lbs.)
95 Gallon: 46”H x 24½”W x 34”L (holds approximately 350 lbs.)