Tape Rotations | Data Protection | Serving Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Data Protection and Tape Rotation Services in Baton Rouge Your company’s backup media hold vital information for all aspects of your business and practices. Your business information is critical and should be backed up regularly, securely stored, and rotated. Keeping your company backups in the same location as the source data defeats the secure storage objective.

The better solution is an off-site facility you can trust to store and rotate your data for your business.

You will define how often and when we rotate your tapes; daily or weekly.

Our uniformed drivers will pickup and deliver your tapes in a climate controlled vehicle. Your tapes are available for delivery 24/7, 365 days a year. We will have it to you within the hour. Utilizing the latest in barcode technology, every container or tape is bar-coded for continuous tracking and reporting capabilities.

Let DataKeepers help you manage and protect your vital information and give you the outstanding service you need and expect.